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Carolina Flipz Cheerleading is thrilled to have our athletes back in the gym! We're even more excited about our Recreational Cheer Class that starts the first week of March 2021. This class is for all skill levels ages 4-16 and meets once a week in person at our gym. Each athlete will work on stunts, tumbling, and individual skills which makes this class a great way to prepare for school cheerleading tryouts, get ready for all star cheerleading, or simply just experience the fun of Carolina Flipz! For pricing, scheduling, and sign-ups call (704) 544-4511.


Tryouts for a new athlete is $99. During Tryouts we will evaluate all athletes, new and veteran, during a tryout clinic which lasts 90-minutes for ages 4-6 and 3-hours for ages 7-18. This evaluation will determine your athletes' tentative team placement for the 2022-2023 season. While we aim to finalize team placements by July 1, 2022, all team placements are subject to shift through the season. When you join Carolina Flipz, you are joining a program, a family, not just one team.

Flyer hopefuls will be evaluated for their flexibility, balance, and air awareness during the initial tryout. Should a flyer hopeful demonstrate proficiency in these areas, they will be invited back on the 26th for a deeper evaluation. An invitation to the Flyer Call Backs does not guarantee placement as a flyer on any given team. Flyer positions are not decided until routine camp and, as explained on the next page, could change throughout the season. Flyers are expected to have all body positions when pulling their left leg up and (at minimum) a proper heel stretch when pulling their right leg up.

May 24th

Ages 4-6 - 5:30-7:30

May 24th

May 24th

Ages 7-11 - 5:30-8:30

May 24th

May 25th

Ages 12-18 - 6:00-8:00

May 25th
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We Help Great Kids Grow Into Incredible Athletes

Our cheer gym in Pineville, NC promotes a fun and uplifting environment

At Carolina Flipz Cheerleading, we make it our mission to inspire athletes to advance in cheerleading and life with positive attitudes, confidence, and leadership. We accomplish this through elite technical training, an uplifting environment and a focus on teamwork. We offer several different cheerleading classes that will help your child build physical fitness, develop mechanical skills and grow as a person including half season all-star cheer.

Children of all ages and skill levels are welcome on our competitive cheerleading team. Our cheer gym always promotes a welcoming and encouraging atmosphere. Our USASF and USAG certified staff provide coaching to help your child build confidence, trust and respect. We play hard, work hard and stay positive.

Contact us today to enroll your child in a competitive cheerleading team. Also offering recreational cheer. 

Cheerleading involves more than just learning physical skills

Every coach at Carolina Flipz Cheerleading shares the same vision-to help your child grow as both an athlete and a person. We build technical skills, endurance and consistency, but we also promote hard work, accountability, teamwork and leadership. Our staff understands the important role we play in your child's development, and we always provide positive encouragement and support. We work to instill strong values while we coach.

Call us today at 704-544-4511 for more information about our competitive cheerleading programs.

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The programs we offer

Whether your child is a skilled athlete or a newcomer to the sport, you'll find a program designed to meet their needs. Here are your choices for competitive cheerleading classes:

All-Star Cheer - A full year of competitive training. We'll help your child develop mechanical skills and move up to the next level. Limited- and full-travel teams available.
Half season All-Star Cheer - Learn everything the full All-Star team learns, but with a lighter schedule and reduced tuition. Practice 1 night a week for 2 hours from October to April.
Recreational cheerleading classes - Develop specific skills in 1-hour classes once a week. Each class will teach young athletes fundamental cheerleading skills.

Find a class that works with your schedule at our cheer gym in Pineville, North Carolina. Also offering tumbling classes.